Tools for Growth

Our primary way to help people grow is God’s plan called discipleship. We call it #Disciple500.


Other Helpful Tools

Personality Assessment

This personality assessment is a free assessment of basic personality types which can be answered in a short period of time and help you have a better idea of how God has shaped your life.
Personality Assessment

Interests & Experiences

What issues do you feel the most strongly about? What groups of people are you drawn to help? What activities do you enjoy? Do you have special training or experience in any areas?

Interests & Experience

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Gain a better understanding of the spiritual gifts God has given you so you can serve Him in the lives of others. This questionnaire will help you identify these God-given spiritual gifts.
Spirtual Gifts Assessment

If you are looking for other resources to continue your growth, click the link below to see book recommendations for Christian Growth at any level.

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