Care and Counseling

At New Hope, our counseling ministry center exists to help people find hope and healing for daily struggles or even the larger issues of life through the power of Jesus Christ and the life changing principles of the Bible.

Our Counseling Center is built on the following convictions:

The Bible either directly provides the answers or direction for how to find the answers to the issues we face in life.

The power of Jesus Christ brings the only hope we have of genuine and lasting life change.

Life Change over our issues requires that we get to the roots of our problems.

Community is necessary for life change because it is where we care for and counsel one another.


*For further description of New Hope's Beliefs and Values visit our page.

*All of New Hope's pastoral and lay counselors are certified or have received Biblical Counseling training through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). For more information regarding our standards of conduct and policy, see ACBC's standards of conduct page.

If you would like to speak with someone to meet for counseling, please request care here: 

Counseling & Discipleship Training

Our goal is to provide everyone in our church family with an opportunity to get counseling and discipleship training. Whether you're interested in serving in New Hope's Counseling Ministry, simply growing in your personal discipleship ministry, or want to learn how to think Biblically about the daily and larger issues of life, we invite you to view the video below and review the training and certification details listed below. Please select click the training interest below to let us know you're interested and we'll be in touch with you.


Watch this video to learn more about our vision for counseling ministry at New Hope:

Certification Process Overview:

As we prepare church family to serve as counselors in our Ministry Center, we are getting equipped through Biblical Counseling and Discipleship Training through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselor (ACBC). This training involves 3 phases:

Phase 1: Reading and Learning

    • 30-hour “Fundamentals” course
    • 1,000 pages of theological and counseling reading (from ACBC approved reading list)
    • 10 hours of observing an ACBC counselor

Phase 2: Exams

    • Theology Exam: 24 essay questions
    • Counseling Exam: 20 essay questions

Phase 3: Supervision

    • 50 hours of supervised counseling

If you would like a more detailed description of the certification process visit ACBC's "How To Become Certified" page.