Because growth happens in small groups

2022-2023 Growth Groups

At New Hope, one of the first steps we take to grow on the journey together is joining a Growth Group. See group bios and register below:

Each week, groups have a Biblical discussion. Some groups focus on topics of interest or a stage of life. Others Groups are more Bible Study focused, reading and studying through it, together. 

Sign up below to join a group. After you signup, one of our leaders will be in touch with you to give you everything you need to join your Growth Group! Our Growth Groups season runs from Oct 2021-June 2022.


Sun 4 pm | Kids Growth Group | AWANA 

Meeting at New Hope

*Starting Sept. 11, 2022

AWANA is a fun approach to making the Bible alive and relevant with caring trained leaders who invest time, love and wisdom into shaping children’s lives. While kids are having fun together each Sunday night, they’re learning about Jesus and growing in their faith in Him, too. They learn Bible verses and spiritual truths. They encounter life lessons that feed their soul. They participate in games and activities that train their bodies. To find a more detailed description of AWANA and to register your child, click here.

Mon 6 pm | Celebrate Recovery

Meeting at New Hope

Leader: Royce Elkins & Linda Bianchini

*Currently meeting

Celebrate Recovery at New Hope Community Church is a Christ-centered 12-step program. Participants deal with a wide variety of issues, including: dependency on alcohol or drugs, pornography, codependency, compulsion, guilt, depression, grief, anger, abuse, anxiety and broken relationships. To find a more detailed description of Celebrate Recovery, click here.

Tue 10 am | Women's Group Study: "The Power of a Woman's Words" by Jaynes

Meeting at New Hope

Leaders: Karen Nichols

*Starting Oct. 4, 2022

Join this small group community of ladies as they study the power of words and seek God's Word and His Spirit to form and direct them for his impact in each other's lives and those they live and serve.

Tue 6 pm | Study: Exegetical Study of Paul's Epistles

Meeting at New Hope

Leaders: Aaron & Brittany Titka 

*Starting Oct. 11, 2022

If you’re looking to grow in your relationship with God. If your looking for intentional discipleship. If you’re ready to study God’s Word, then come join this group! They will begin the year studying Galatians! Open to age 17+.

Tue 6 pm | Study: "Living the Message"

Meeting at 204 County Rd. 9, Whitehall

Leaders: Ryan & Ashley Bakemeier

*Starting Oct. 4, 2022

Are you looking to be part of a group with a heart to gather together to encourage each other their walk with Christ and also to prayerfully pursue being a light and blessing to the greater Whitehall area? Join Ryan and Ashley each week to have as they gather and have a Biblical discussion about "living" the previous Weekend Worship's message.

Tue 6 pm (1st & 3rd Tue of Month) |"Mom to Mom" Group Study: "Never Alone" by Cannon

Meeting at New Hope

Leaders: Jen Stappenbeck & Mary Reed

*Starting Oct. 4, 2022

Are you looking for God to meet you in the messiness of motherhood? Mom to Mom is a group where you can find other moms who want to encourage and support one another to love God and others well. This year's study is all about finding the power to parent from the Holy Spirit. *Childcare provided: $5 per child/$10 per family.

Tue 6 pm (2nd & 4th Tue of Month) | Women's Group Study: "One At A Time" by Idleman

Meeting at New Hope

Leader: Nancy Kennedy

*Starting Oct. 11, 2022

Influencing just one person at a time may seem insignificant at first look, but that is not the case. Join this small group of ladies as they seek to better understand the surprising habits of Jesus to unlock the power of small things done with great love and how God wants to use us to change the world One person At A Time. 

Tue 6:30pm | FPU (Financial Peace University) *Short Term Group (9 lessons) 

Meeting at 41 Helen Drive, Queensbury

Leaders: Larry & Shawn Smith

*Starting Oct. 11, 2022

If you’ve ever felt like you just can’t get in control of your money, you’re not alone. You’d be surprised how many people you know are struggling just like you. But it’s time for your struggle to end. Join our Financial Peace University group to learn Biblical Financial strategies, like how you can pay off debt, save more money, and build wealth. Visit to sign up!

Tue 6:30pm | Study: Bible Study of Colossians

Meeting at 6 Perigo Pass, Pottersville

Leaders: Doug & Kris McLain

*Starting Oct. 4, 2022

Are you looking for small group community of believers to Worship, Grow, and Serve with in Pottersville? Join Doug and Kris and their Growth Group family.

Wed 6:30 pm | "Prayer Warriors" Group 

Meeting at New Hope

Leader: Chris Terry

*Currently meeting

Join this group if you would like to be a part of a group that takes seriously praying as a way to join God's mission to expand his Kingdom.

Wed 7 pm (Meets bi-weekly)| Parenting Group Study: Biblical Worldview Parenting

Meeting at 3781 US 4, Hudson Falls
Leader: Andy Walts
*Starting Oct. 5, 2022
In a world where Truth is consistently attacked what foundation are we basing our life on and how will that impact our call as parents to “train a child up in the way he should go” (Prov. 22:6)? This group will help provide answers to kids' questions from “what happened to the dinosaurs?” and “did we come from monkeys?” to questions on identity (Who am I?), God’s Will (Why am I here?), and afterlife (Where am I going?).

Wed 6:30 pm| "Sharing Your Faith" Group

Meeting at New Hope
Leader: Robbie Lankford
*Starting Oct. 5, 2022
Join this group if you want to grow in skillfully presenting the truth of the Good News without compromise but in a loving, genuine, and engaging way.

Thu 10am (1st & 3rd Thu of Month)| "MOPS"

Meeting at New Hope

Leaders: Maggie Losee, Jen Stappenbeck, & Shannon Landgren

*Starting Oct. 6, 2022

MOPS stands for "mothers of preschoolers", but don't let that confuse you. MOPS is about meeting the needs of every mom of a child from conception through kindergarten. Whether you're a stay-at-home, working, teen, adoptive, single, or married mom, MOPS is for you! Join this group on the 1st & 3rd Thurs of every month starting Thurs, Jan 20 from 10-11:30am. *Free childcare provided for birth-PreK.

To register for this group click the following link and be sure to enter our Group Code: PWWO (*Please note there is a $32 registration fee): 

Thu 6 pm | "Women in the Word" Group

Meeting at New Hope

Leaders: Shannon Lankford, Katie Torchetti, & Jen Webster

*Starting Oct. 6, 2022

Women 16+ are invited to come discover who God is, in His own Words! This group will be going back to basics, to the foundation of our faith, the Bible. Join them as they walk through God's Word in its entirety. They will have daily chapter readings and weekly meetings to get to know God and one another better. If you’ve never picked up a Bible, have never read the whole Bible or are an avid student of The Word, this group is for you. Join for this life changing journey of reading God's living and relevant Word!  Hebrews 4:12a "For the Word of God is full of living power."

Thu 6 pm | Study: Bible Prophecy (70 weeks of Daniel and Revelation)

Meeting at 55 Twin Channels, Queenbury

Leader: Steve Leonard

*Starting Oct. 6, 2022

Join this Growth Group of others from the greater Queensbury area as they study the end-times prophecy of Revelation to better understand it and how it applies to how they worship, grow, and serve the Lord every day. 

Thu 6:30 pm | Men's Group Study: "Be a Godly Man" by Martin

Meeting at New Hope

Leader: Drew Landgren

*Starting Oct. 10, 2022

Join a group of men seeking to lead their young families for the Lord and encourage each other along the way.

Thu 6:30 pm | Women's Group Study: Eating Issues: "Love to Eat, Hate to Eat" by Fitzpatrick

Meeting at New Hope

Leader: Tev Ketcham

*Starting Oct. 6, 2022

Join this group of women as they walk through Scripture towards a healthier lifestyle. The study will include all food issues and how to make healthier choices. Come see what God's Word has to say about it! 

Thu 7 pm | Study: "Gentle and Lowly" by Ortland

Meeting at 8167 Rt 9, Pottersville

Leaders: John Yarosh

*Starting Oct. 6, 2022

"Come to me all, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." (Matt. 11:28) Christians know what Jesus Christ has done, but who is He? What is His deepest heart for His people? Jesus said He is "gentle and lowly in heart." Join a close group of people in the greater Pottersville area as they open up this neglected yet central truth about who Jesus is for sinners and sufferers.

Fri 6:30 pm | Young Adults Group: Bible Study of Romans

Meeting at 120 East St. Fort Edward

Leaders: Jeremy & Meagan Ives

*Starting Oct. 7, 2022

Are you looking to find other college and 20 somethings to worship, grow, and serve with? Come join in for a Biblical discussion about the difference knowing and serving Jesus Christ makes.

Fri 6:30 pm | Young Adults Group: Bible Study of Galatians

Meeting at 2427 Rt 9, Schroon Lake

Leaders: Justin Kirchberger & Austin Schmidt

*Starting Oct. 7, 2022

Are you looking to for a small group community of young adults in the greater Schroon Lake area? Join this group as you seek to build community, grow, and serve together.

Sat 7 am | Men's Group Study: Book TBA

Meeting at New Hope

Leaders: Royce Elkins & Gary Londrigan

*Join Oct. 8, 2022

Join a group of men who seek God's Word together to better understand God's will and become the men who please Him in every part of their lives.